Monday, December 9, 2019

Dining Room Painting in Attleboro, MA.

Jcb Painting painted this dining room last week in Attleboro, MA. from top to bottom. Another gray color on the walls. No surprise there as gray is still the color of choice for many homeowners. The wall color is called "Storm" by Benjamin Moore Paints.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Interior Painters, Norton, MA

painting the new color in this dining room, Norton, MA.

Jcb Painting cutting in the new color in this dining room.

The finished painted dining room.
We got a call from a repeat customer to come to their home to paint the dining room so it would be ready for the Thanksgiving feast. The new wall color was from Sherwin Williams called "privilege green" but made with Benjamin Moore ultra-spec low sheen. They even emptied the room for us! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Wall Painting in Attleboro, MA.

Jcb Painting a bedroom in Attleboro, MA.

Bedroom painting in Attleboro, MA. There was a big crack in the cornerof this bedroom.

The wall paint was a matte finish by Glidden Paints. We like to use Benjamin Moore for paint jobs but the homeowner purchased the paint. It gives Jcb Painting a chance to try out different paints from different paint manufacturers that we ordinarily wouldn't use. The paint was a little thicker than what we are used to though. We got the first cut done in 1 coat but the walls needed a 2nd coat to cover.
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Painting stained woodwork, doors and trim, North Attleboro.

Stain to paint in this bedroom in North Attleboro, MA. Jcb Painting does a lot of this kind of painting these days. Stained woodwork and trim used to be very popular here in New England but over the last 20 years or so it has transitioned to all paint for a brighter look. The walls are a gray paint color by Benjamin Moore. The woodwork is painted with Benjamin Moore Regal semi-gloss.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Painting Prep Work in Taunton, MA.

Fixing a stress crack before painting.

We fix a lot of "stress cracks" in many homes that we work in doing a paint job. This home is in Taunton, MA. Most of these types of cracks appear over and below windows and door jambs and are a usual part of painting prep work. They are quite common and not "unusual". This crack is over a kitchen window.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Interior painting in Mansfield, MA.

We just finished painting this home in Mansfield, MA. The wall color is gray. "Gray" has been the go-to color for many interior paint jobs for the last few years. From a painters perspective, gray is a great color to use because it covers well over most other colors when doing a re-paint. Contact us for your free estimate.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Easton, MA. interior painting

door before repair and painting.

Jcb Painting started this paint job in Easton this past week. We will be re-painting all, from baseboard to ceilings. 3 bedrooms, dining room, living room and kitchen. All woodwork will be repaired and painted a white semi gloss with Benjamin Moore Regal Classic. And the walls will be painted shades of gray, (no surprise there) except for the master bedroom, which will be painted with a color called "lavender mist" by Benjamin Moore. Book your appointment today!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Painters in Attleboro

Painting a living room in Attleboro, MA.

Jcb Painting just finished this living room in Attleboro, MA. painting
the ceiling and walls.

The wall color is called "Pink Chocolate", a color by Valspar but mixed
in Benjamin Moore ultra spec low sheen. This is the 1st paint job that
Jcb Painting has done in a while that wasn't a gray color.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

bathroom painting in Walpole, MA.

Yes, a lighter wall color in a small room such as this bathroom looks much better than a dark color that makes the room look and feel smaller than it already is, as it was before adding this new color called "calming cream" by Benjamin Moore. After more than 30 years in the paint biz, Jcb Painting has a good idea what colors work best because of extensive experience.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Bathroom painting in Walpole, MA.

Jcb Painting will be painting this bathroom and the rest of this 3 bedroom condo in Walpole MA. This bathroom is very small and to paint it with a dark color just makes it look even smaller. We will be repainting it with a light cream color from Benjamin Moore Paints. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Interior painting in Norton, MA.

dining room before patching and painting walls.

Just finished this paint job in Norton, MA. A lot of wall repair wasrequired for this home that was built 48 years ago.

The finished paint job. This room was painted from baseboard to ceiling.
And another shade of  Gray was applied to the walls called "Shoreline" by
Benjamin Moore.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Kitchen painting in Mansfield, MA.

kitchen before new paint color.
Kitchen painting in Mansfield, Ma. Jcb Painting paints a lot of

prepping kitchen for painting.
Removed chair-rail, patched and primed area for the new paint color.

the finished kitchen with new color gray on the walls.
And the finished job with the new color gray. Jcb Painting gets a lot of calls to use the color gray these days. It is a very trending color for the past couple of years.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

Life Church Painting-Norton, MA.

New Life Church chapel.
Jcb Painting started this paint job last week at the
 Life Church in Norton, MA.
patching walls at New Life Church in Norton, MA.
The walls need some sanding and patching work before painting.
The new colors will be 2 shades of the ever popular color gray.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Interior painting in Norton, MA.

prepping a room for painting.
Painting this bedroom in Norton, MA. from baseboard
to ceiling

Bedroom after painting.
The finished paint job.

Newly painted heating vent.
When Jcb Painting paints a room we paint everything
that needs painting to make the room look new.
This heat vent was a brown, rusty, dusty, hulk.
It was sanded, primed and painted to match
the baseboard.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Interior house painting in North Attleborough, MA

Jcb Painting logo.

When I first started painting I thought I knew how to paint. (doesn't everyone?)  In order to paint well you have to use the proper tools, i.e. good brushes and roller knaps, not the cheap ones. If you go the cheap route the job will be much harder to do. It also makes sense to spend the extra money for premium paints. Because you really do get what you pay for and the paint job will look much better than if you used cheap stuff. Trust me.

You need a good eye for cutting in, a steady hand to get those straight paint lines and quite a bit of knowledge. 

No two paint jobs are the same. They are all different in some way. Some are easy to do, and some harder to do.

With all the products associated with painting, paints, stains, varnishes, lacquers, etc, you have to be part chemist and painter at the same time. 

You have to know what to do first and what to do last to insure a great paint job. And after decades of painting homes and businesses in southeastern Massachusetts we have that experience. We are always on time, neat, and trustworthy.  

When Jcb Painting comes to the job we set up for the day. We cover all floors and furniture. We move all furniture away from the walls and sweep and vacuum the area that will be worked that day.
Prepping  and cutting in the bedroom for painting.
We then proceed to prep the area, caulking baseboard and trim neatly, and patching and sanding the walls to get ready for painting. (painting is the easy part!)

We prime and paint the ceilings first and then prime and paint all the woodwork, (doors, windows, baseboard, all trim) then we paint the walls. 

At the end of the day, if the room isn't finished, we clean up again (sweeping, vacuuming) and put the room back in order so it can still be used. We only disrupt the area while we are working.
Finished bedroom painting in Mansfield, MA.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Interior Painting in Mansfield, MA.

Jcb Painting got the call to come and fix this room that had all the paint peeling off the walls. The OTHER previous painting contractor did not properly prep the room after removing wallpaper and the paint they applied just peeled off after about 6 months.The other painting company failed to sand off all the the glue and bits of paper left over after removing wall paper and didn't even prime the walls. Total failure. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Interior painting and wallpaper removal in Foxborough, MA.

removing wallpaper
Removing wallpaper chair rail in this dining room in Foxborough, MA.

This wallpaper came off easy. The top layer was a vinyl type and
came off in perfect sheets. The backing in this image also came off
easy after wetting it down with just warm water.
This is some of the easiest wallpaper I have ever removed. Yea!
prepping walls for painting.
After wallpaper removal we patch and sand the wall to remove any
other bits of paper debris to get ready for the finish coats.

painting the ceiling.
Painting the "yellowed"ceiling" a bright white.

The finished paint job in this dining room in Foxborough, MA.

Dining room after painting.
This was a very easy wallpaper removal/paint job Jcb Painting has ever done.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Interior house painting in Foxborough, MA,

The finished bathroom paint job.After images from my last bathroom paint job in Foxborough, MA. What usually takes 2 days to do, painting from baseboard to ceiling, took 4 days because this bathroom was in poor shape. A big contributor of the mold and paint failure was not using the ceiling fan. 
The wall color is "la paloma gray" by Benjamin Moore.
after image of repair around shower enclosure.
Jcb Painting caulked all around the shower enclosure to keep
moisture from seeping under the paint and causing a paint failure after using the shower.

vanityarea after painting.
The medicine cabinet will be replaced at a later date.

after repair and caulking and the the finished shower paint job.
The bottom line here is always use your ceiling fan to exhaust the moisture
in the air after using the shower. Keep it on for at least 15 minutes.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bathroom prepping before painting.

This is what happens when your bathroom isn't properly prepped and painted. Priming and caulking would have prevented this and saved the homeowner money when they hired Jcb Painting to fix it. 
The original paint job had a really bad caulking job around the vanity and along the baseboard which Jcb Painting had to completely remove and redo. Where the other painter should have absolutely caulked was around the shower enclosure as you can see from the images. 
This bathroom will be finished next Tuesday. Stay tuned. 

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peeling paint on bathroom ceiling.
Ceiling paint failure because of no primer and not using
the ceiling fan.

wall deterioration around shower.
Wall failure because shower enclosure was not caulked
between shower and wall allowing moisture to
seep in and destroy the wall.

More paint failure around shower enclosure.
We see this type of bathroom paint failure quite often. We will be doing mold remediation also.

removing old caulk around bathroom vanity.
Removing old bad caulking job around vanity.

removing old caulking from baseboard.
Removing bad caulking from baseboard and along the tile edge.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Mold removal and painting in North Attleboro, MA.

mold growing on a ceiling in a bathroom in North Attleboro, MA.
This is what happens when you don't use the ceiling exhaust fan in
your bathroom. You get mold. And it just keeps getting worse.
Then when it has to be painted you have to pay more money
and time to get the job done, even if you do it yourself.
after mold reduction and finish painting.
Jcb Painting works on a lot of Bathrooms and very often
when we come to look at the paint job, mold is an issue because
the exhaust ceiling fan is hardly used or not at all. Before using the shower the ceiling fan should be turned on and kept on for at least 15 minutes after to exhaust the moisture from the air. So the lesson here is, use your bathroom fan. It's there for a purpose.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

After wallpaper border removal

after wallpaper border removal and after finish painting.
This is the room after the wallpaper border was removed in North Attleborough, MA.
It took a lot longer to finish than expected but Jcb Painting prevailed. The walls below the border
were also in rough shape, but after a lot of patching and sanding they came out
beautiful. The hardwood floor will be refinished also.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Wall paper border removal.

wall paper border on wall near ceiling
Wall paper removal in North Attleboro, MA.
Not all wall paper is the same when it comes to removal. Usually the top layer is the most difficult and the backing is the easiest to remove after wetting it down.
Left over paper backing after removing top layer of wall paper.
But on this job it was the opposite. The backing was extremely difficult to remove. The original installer must have used a lot more paste than was necessary to apply this wall paper border.
Paper backing after removing top layer of wall paper.
After removal of wall paper, Jcb Painting, machine sanded to remove all left over bits of paper and glue, patched and sanded again and then primed and painted. It's tough to price this kind of job. You never know what to expect.
No two wall paper borders are the same when it comes time to remove for painting. It's a lot of physical work plus a lot of clean up. One of the hardest things to do when painting a room.

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