Saturday, December 15, 2018

Entry door painting in Mansfield.

entry door being painted 1st. coat.

Entry door after painting 3 coats with a burgundy color.Painted this door in Mansfield yesterday. Entry doors look simple enough to paint but it does take a little expertise to know which edge gets painted the exterior color and which edge gets painted the interior color. You would think it would be simple enough, but a lot of entry doors Jcb Painting see's, are a lot of the time, not painted properly. This door and surrounding window high lights was recently installed brand new.

Hinge side of entry door painted the exterior color burgundy.
This door was painted with Benjamin Moore, Moore - Glo, Soft Gloss. A great exterior door and trim paint. Jcb Painting

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Stain to Paint

Stained and varnished bay window before painting white.
Another paint job going from stain to paint in
Norton, MA. 

The finished bay window after painting it a white semi gloss.
Jcb Painting gets a lot of calls for these type of paint jobs these
days. Going from stained woodwork to paint really brightens up a room.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Painting kids room in Foxboro, MA.

before image of bedroom being prepped and painted.
This is the before image of a bedroom being painted by
Jcb Painting in Foxboro, MA. yesterday.

And the finished paint job. Walls were painted with Benjamin Moore
wall color "violet pearl".

before image of bedroom being prepped before painting.
Another angle of this bedroom being prepped for painting.

after image of painted bedroom by Jcb Painting.
There was a lot of scotch tape, silly string and magic marker on
the walls that had to be removed. The walls look like new today.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Painting stained doors.

stained interior front door before painting white.
Another paint job painting over stained woodwork in Foxboro, MA. A bonding primer was first applied and then 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Classic Regal
semi gloss. A  top shelf semi gloss painted by
Jcb Painting.

Front entry interior door after painting from stain to white semi gloss in Foxboro, MA.
The finished paint job with the walls also newly painted a light gray.
Painting over stained woodwork really brightens the whole look
of the space. Call today for your free estimate. (508) 463-5190

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Painting stained and varnished woodwork.

stained and varnished window before paint.
This is the before image of a window that was stained and
varnished. Jcb Painting gets a lot of calls to paint over
this type of woodwork. We used a bonding primer
called Stix made by Insl-x. We first caulked all gaps and
primed 1 coat.

after image of stained and varnished woodwork  painted white.
And the finished product using 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Classicsemi gloss (333) A beautiful bright, smooth finish. The walls were painted a teal color with a wallpaper accent.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Painting a 2 story foyer.

This is a video of a 2 story foyer paint job Jcb Painting did in 
Mansfield, MA. We paint a lot of foyers and staircases.

Painting a 2 story foyer is one of the more challenging rooms in a house to paint.

We painted all walls, ceiling, doors, Jambs, and other wood trim with Benjamin Moore paint. 

We used Ultra Spec 500 low sheen on the walls.
gallom - Benjamin Moore -Ultra Spec 500 -low sheen
It is a highly washable wall paint and has great touch up capabilities when you have a lot of traffic (kids) going up and down the stairs.

On all the woodwork, we used Benjamin Moore's Classic Regal semi gloss. The best semi gloss on the market in my opinion. This paint when applied is self leveling and leaves no brush marks for a very smooth finish with just the right shine.

 gallon-Benjamin Moore -Regal semi gloss
Benjamin Moore Regal Classic (333) semi gloss

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bathroom painting in Mansfield, MA. by Jcb Painting.

bathroom being prepped and painted.
Another bathroom paint job. Jcb Painting does a lot of these
jobs. The home owner picked a gray color from the test colors on the wall.

The finished bathroom paint job.
And the finished job. The color is Benjamin Moore "edgecomb gray"
Call us today for your free quote. Jcb Painting @ (508) 463- 5190.