Monday, February 18, 2019

Mold removal and painting in North Attleboro, MA.

mold growing on a ceiling in a bathroom in North Attleboro, MA.
This is what happens when you don't use the ceiling exhaust fan in
your bathroom. You get mold. And it just keeps getting worse.
Then when it has to be painted you have to pay more money
and time to get the job done, even if you do it yourself.
after mold reduction and finish painting.
Jcb Painting works on a lot of Bathrooms and very often
when we come to look at the paint job, mold is an issue because
the exhaust ceiling fan is hardly used or not at all. Before using the shower the ceiling fan should be turned on and kept on for at least 15 minutes after to exhaust the moisture from the air. So the lesson here is, use your bathroom fan. It's there for a purpose.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

After wallpaper border removal

after wallpaper border removal and after finish painting.
This is the room after the wallpaper border was removed in North Attleborough, MA.
It took a lot longer to finish than expected but Jcb Painting prevailed. The walls below the border
were also in rough shape, but after a lot of patching and sanding they came out
beautiful. The hardwood floor will be refinished also.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Wall paper border removal.

wall paper border on wall near ceiling
Wall paper removal in North Attleboro, MA.
Not all wall paper is the same when it comes to removal. Usually the top layer is the most difficult and the backing is the easiest to remove after wetting it down.
Left over paper backing after removing top layer of wall paper.
But on this job it was the opposite. The backing was extremely difficult to remove. The original installer must have used a lot more paste than was necessary to apply this wall paper border.
Paper backing after removing top layer of wall paper.
After removal of wall paper, Jcb Painting, machine sanded to remove all left over bits of paper and glue, patched and sanded again and then primed and painted. It's tough to price this kind of job. You never know what to expect.
No two wall paper borders are the same when it comes time to remove for painting. It's a lot of physical work plus a lot of clean up. One of the hardest things to do when painting a room.

This article originally appeared on Linkedin.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Painting a bathroom in Foxboro, MA.

bathroom painting in Foxboro, MA.
Jcb Painting, painting another bathroom in Foxboro with the popular color gray.
We paint a lot of bathrooms. 
the finished bathroom after painting.
The finished bathroom after painting.
The blue tape hasn't been removed yet because the
paint was still wet.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Home office painting.

home office painting

Here is  a scenario Jcb Painting comes  upon these days  when contracted to paint a home office. Before we can begin painting the space we first have to move furniture. Then there is the input and output peripherals attached to the computers and other electronics.

This  can be a delicate procedure. In order to paint the area most of the connections  have to be disconnected and then reconnected after the painting is  finished. Jcb Painting has a  lot of experience doing this.

 home office painting 2

First we take closeup pictures of all the inputs and outputs  before disconnecting for reference, so when we reconnect all peripherals, everything works as it did before we got there.

On this paint job we have 2 computers, 2 monitors, 1 printer, TVspeakers, sound bar, woofer, cables, extension cords, router, and many wires to be moved.

As we start to disconnect we clean all dust off of wires and cables, then move everything out of the way to paint. Then vacuum and prep the area to be painted.

After the painting is donewe reconnect all electronics. 
No need for the geek squad here.

This is another painting service that Jcb Painting provides to its customers.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Fixing and painting a ceiling.

ceiling failure by bad plaster job.
This the before image of a ceiling failure in Plainville, MA. The original plaster job
was poorly done.

ceiling fixed by Jcb Painting.
This is how it looks after Jcb Painting came to the job and
repaired the area.
This is the master bedroom. Both sides of this room had the same

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Painting Prep Work Before Painting.

Interior Paint Job Prep Work That Painting Contractors Don't Talk About. (or Charge for)

When we get a call to come out to a potential interior painting job to look it over and give a quote we never know what we will see, or don't see.

When I arrive I meet the homeowner and we introduce ourselves and we proceed to look at the space to be painted.

Gone are the days of measuring the square footage of the room to be painted with a tape measure and writing it all down on a pad of paper. Today it is digital. I ask if I may snap pictures of the space to be painted from all angles and give the room a good look over with the old eyeballs. I look at the shape of the walls, doors, trim, ceiling and anything else that will need painting.

I look to see how much patching, sanding and other prep work that may be required to do the job professionally.

I talk with the home owner about what I will do, what their time frame is of when they would like the job to begin to make sure I can start, with out any conflicts for other scheduled jobs I have and that it fits their schedule.

When I get home I upload the images I took to give me a fresh perspective on the job that I looked at to be painted and what I remember seeing. It all comes together to help me to give a fair and honest quote. I then send the quote out to the customer, and usually, I'm awarded the paint job.

So the day arrives when I start the job.

First thing we do is move furniture. (refrigerators, stoves, beds, bureaus, dressers, end table  etc.)

Now, most people keep clean and tidy homes, but there are some area's that just don't get cleaned to often. Those area's are under the furniture and appliances. Especially the heavy stuff, like refrigerators, beds, bureaus, and dressers. You never know what it will look like under those things after moving them away from the walls so we have room to paint. It's good to have at least 5 feet between walls and furniture to work.

So we start to move the furniture.

Now the approaching music score from the shower scene in the movie "Psycho" begins to play in my head. 

We start with the bed. Usually the bed has not been moved in a while. It is extremely dusty under there with any number of other things. Like kids toys, snack foods, chips, Doritos's, Cheetos's, candy and wrappers, some chocolates. (people watch a lot of tv in bed today and they like to snack) The list goes on. Some of the things we find, I can't mention here.

Then there is the "other" furniture to move. 

Now the music score from "Jaws" is entering my head. You never know what lies below.

This is a scenario that is played out time after time. But that's OK. It's sort of like that in my home also. Perfectly normal.

That furniture is heavy and who looks under there anyways?

So what do we do? We clean. We pick up all trash, stale food etc. etc. and we then completely vacuum the area clean again.

Sometimes we clean the floor, like under the refrigerator.

This is not part of the quote, we just do it. And we don't tell the customer either so as to not embarrass anyone. Like I said before it is perfectly normal for stuff to collect under heavy furniture. It happens to all of us.

Most customers don't realize that we do this. They think we just paint. We are actually providing another service. The room is always cleaner after we exit.

Good painting contractors will do this cleaning service at no extra charge and never say anything about it.

Not all painting contractors do this. But we do.

Thanks for reading!