Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Painting a 2 story foyer.

This is a video of a 2 story foyer paint job Jcb Painting did in 
Mansfield, MA. We paint a lot of foyers and staircases.

Painting a 2 story foyer is one of the more challenging rooms in a house to paint.

We painted all walls, ceiling, doors, Jambs, and other wood trim with Benjamin Moore paint. 

We used Ultra Spec 500 low sheen on the walls.
gallom - Benjamin Moore -Ultra Spec 500 -low sheen
It is a highly washable wall paint and has great touch up capabilities when you have a lot of traffic (kids) going up and down the stairs.

On all the woodwork, we used Benjamin Moore's Classic Regal semi gloss. The best semi gloss on the market in my opinion. This paint when applied is self leveling and leaves no brush marks for a very smooth finish with just the right shine.

 gallon-Benjamin Moore -Regal semi gloss
Benjamin Moore Regal Classic (333) semi gloss

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bathroom painting in Mansfield, MA. by Jcb Painting.

bathroom being prepped and painted.
Another bathroom paint job. Jcb Painting does a lot of these
jobs. The home owner picked a gray color from the test colors on the wall.

The finished bathroom paint job.
And the finished job. The color is Benjamin Moore "edgecomb gray"
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Painting a 2 story foyer.

Jcb Painting finished this 2 story foyer yesterday changing the wall
color from a dark tan to a very popular grey color in Norton, MA.
Walls were in great shape which made for an easy paint job.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Painting a staircase-Mansfield-MA.

Staircase job Jcb Painting did in Mansfield. Had
to match the maple banisters and stair treads to the
existing hardwood floor.A lot of mixing and matching
of stain colors went into this job. 
The finished job and a perfect match.Topped it all off with 5
coats of Varathane water based satin floor finish. Hard as a rock.