Friday, January 11, 2019

Home office painting.

home office painting

Here is  a scenario Jcb Painting comes  upon these days  when contracted to paint a home office. Before we can begin painting the space we first have to move furniture. Then there is the input and output peripherals attached to the computers and other electronics.

This  can be a delicate procedure. In order to paint the area most of the connections  have to be disconnected and then reconnected after the painting is  finished. Jcb Painting has a  lot of experience doing this.

 home office painting 2

First we take closeup pictures of all the inputs and outputs  before disconnecting for reference, so when we reconnect all peripherals, everything works as it did before we got there.

On this paint job we have 2 computers, 2 monitors, 1 printer, TVspeakers, sound bar, woofer, cables, extension cords, router, and many wires to be moved.

As we start to disconnect we clean all dust off of wires and cables, then move everything out of the way to paint. Then vacuum and prep the area to be painted.

After the painting is donewe reconnect all electronics. 
No need for the geek squad here.

This is another painting service that Jcb Painting provides to its customers.

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