Saturday, March 23, 2019

Interior painting and wallpaper removal in Foxborough, MA.

removing wallpaper
Removing wallpaper chair rail in this dining room in Foxborough, MA.

This wallpaper came off easy. The top layer was a vinyl type and
came off in perfect sheets. The backing in this image also came off
easy after wetting it down with just warm water.
This is some of the easiest wallpaper I have ever removed. Yea!
prepping walls for painting.
After wallpaper removal we patch and sand the wall to remove any
other bits of paper debris to get ready for the finish coats.

painting the ceiling.
Painting the "yellowed"ceiling" a bright white.

The finished paint job in this dining room in Foxborough, MA.

Dining room after painting.
This was a very easy wallpaper removal/paint job Jcb Painting has ever done.

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