Saturday, March 9, 2019

Bathroom prepping before painting.

This is what happens when your bathroom isn't properly prepped and painted. Priming and caulking would have prevented this and saved the homeowner money when they hired Jcb Painting to fix it. 
The original paint job had a really bad caulking job around the vanity and along the baseboard which Jcb Painting had to completely remove and redo. Where the other painter should have absolutely caulked was around the shower enclosure as you can see from the images. 
This bathroom will be finished next Tuesday. Stay tuned. 

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peeling paint on bathroom ceiling.
Ceiling paint failure because of no primer and not using
the ceiling fan.

wall deterioration around shower.
Wall failure because shower enclosure was not caulked
between shower and wall allowing moisture to
seep in and destroy the wall.

More paint failure around shower enclosure.
We see this type of bathroom paint failure quite often. We will be doing mold remediation also.

removing old caulk around bathroom vanity.
Removing old bad caulking job around vanity.

removing old caulking from baseboard.
Removing bad caulking from baseboard and along the tile edge.

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